September 17, 2010 – All Art Radio

/”All Art Radio/”

Beatniks Part I


A collaged survey of the original Beat scene on both the East and West Coast. (Did you know the term refers to- /”beaten down/” and has nothing to do with snapping fingers?) Several extended news features on this new, emerging social and cultural phenomenon of values rejection, Kerouac and his poetry are emphasized, songs about the Beat Generation, and jazz, including /”The Clown/” by Gene Shephard and Charlie Mingus.

3 Hours.

3 Responses to “September 17, 2010 – All Art Radio”

  1. El Bonngo says:

    Lord Buckley next?

  2. Morgan says:

    Looks like this one won’t download; it’s the same problem that happened to the five hour Dylan show. (Thanks for fixing that one, by the way!)


  3. webmaster says:

    Goddammit. None of them work anymore. Try this direct link:

    [Link removed]