November 12, 2010 – All Art Radio

“All Art Radio”

Nov. 12, 2010


The art continues with death art, a suicidal personal creativity rant by Phineas Narco, Smelly Water, a museum tour of paintings and sculpture, What Is The Matter With Amy Glennon by Sheila Davies, David Byrne on venues and room context, Adolph Hitler, Jackie Apple on time, artists describe their working process, falling to pieces, and Everything Must Change.

3 Hours.

Find it here – Right click to download.

3 Responses to “November 12, 2010 – All Art Radio”

  1. Cam says:

    Thank you for offering this. Negativland has been pivotal in my being able to be alone, but never lonely.

    Thanks for helping me grow up.


  2. Reelboy says:

    Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing the whole show in glorious stereo.

  3. Phineas Narco says:

    What rant did I do? Eager to hear…