November 19, 2010 – All Art Radio

“All Art Radio”

Nov. 19, 2010


Laden with art manifestos, we lead off with the Futurist Manifesto and the writings of Marinetti, the Futurist esthetic of speed and denial, Moma paintings described for the blind, artists describe their work and process, and Gregory Whitehead analyzes the scream at length and in depth on the radio with callers screaming.

3 Hours.

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2 Responses to “November 19, 2010 – All Art Radio”

  1. Reelboy says:

    Thank you very much! Long time ago, at the University of Pittsburgh some grad students wrote and performed a play about the Futurists. The play included re-creations of some of the Futurists work (The Funeral for Spaghetti stands out) and a reading of the Manifesto. I still have a copy handed out at the show – thanks for bringing it back.

  2. 907 ALIEN says:

    love OTE. a perfect drug. broadcasting apparently stopped here in alaska. now i have to go back to life before discovering the genius noise conspired by the humans at OTE radioland. much appreciation towards all there an gimme back OTE in foreign AK. Oh, a side note, my cat died. his name was Spaghetti. such coincidence.