December 17, 2010 – All Art Radio – The Art Line

All Art Radio  –  “The Art Line”

Dec. 17, 2010

Tim Maloney, Don.

Naked Rabbit and Happy Hazard join intellects to host The Art Line, a call-in format dedicated exclusively to solving the working problems of artists. Art and procedures are discussed including digital tools and formats. Not as many problems as we thought, but a lively discussion show as the unhappy Hap and the knowledgeable Naked take on all callers.

3 Hours.

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11 Responses to “December 17, 2010 – All Art Radio – The Art Line”

  1. Reelboy says:

    Thanks! Managed to catch most of this on the broadcast. Now for the rest …

  2. Mad@ULazies says:

    Hey that’s great but you monkeys need to do more shows!1!!!11! I’m not fucking around here!1!!!11! shave another chimp or I will shave you!1!!!11!

  3. Mad@ULazies says:

    O carp wrong show 🙁

  4. Mad@ULazies says:

    One thing is for sure.. as the most reactionary and irresponsible show on the net.. I don’t believe OTE or negative land has ever incited or inspired violence.. aside from maybe the cerebral kind that occurs when neurons spark in the heads of people who are braindead @ the time.. just saying.. for irresponsible wackos you seen to really miss the mark (please forgive that analogy). oh I am forgetting the violence of the messy lawsuit that Boner and his U2 bomber (or whatever) brought against you. to bad all reactionary irrisponsible radio can’t live up to your standards.. keep up the good work you lazy F&^$%^&%&

  5. Mad@ULazies says:

    ahahha Negativland I mean.. sorry yo

  6. Mad@ULazies says:

    is there a way to just send you some money and you send all your shows to me on a hard drive?

  7. Mad@ULazies says:

    come on guys moderate me shit!! it’s the only way I will feel complete!!!!! take just a little bit of time away from your hookers and your pinochle and friggin moderate my ass (don’t you dare take that the wrong way)!1!!!11!

  8. Mad@ULazies says:

    dude I can’t work unless I have negativland or Alan Watts pumping through my headphones.. and Alan is dead damnit it’s all reruns!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. webmaster says:

    Sorry pals! Been a bit lazy moderating comments. We turned the spamfilters up high because we were getting lots of bots from Russia. Gotta be careful in the 21st century.

  10. Mad@ULazies says:

    I am not a spammer!! just a douchebag!! I can’t wait to listen to the new prog.. the time-after-time episode(lol is that the correct term) was the best one ever!!!! btw thanks for the prompt response master!!!!!!

  11. Mad@ULazies says:

    BTW! feaking Autobots.. that’s why I have always been a Decepticon fan.. XD sorry I am an 80’s child.. they pumped that shit into our head :/ though I lost interest in transformers when they lost all semblance of style and went hollywood.. fucking aliens!! they always end up being sellouts :/