All Art Radio – Your Brain is Art – Part 3

All Art Radio – Your Brain Is Art – Part 3

April 29, 2011


More brains and art colliding with found sounds. Bob and Ray lead us through a castle full of “experiments.” The neural paths of decision making, curiosity and its effects, sampling as copyright infringement as artistic inhibition, and lots of brainy audio art, musical and otherwise, throughout.

3 Hours.

4 Responses to “All Art Radio – Your Brain is Art – Part 3”

  1. Boz6420 says:

    Awesome !!! This is turning into a 9 hour show so far !! Bring ’em on !

  2. Dickie Diamond says:

    Your head is a potato

  3. Morgan says:

    I’m looking forward to the posting of “Your Brain Is Art” part four!

    I heard it the other night, and I want to download the Zappa sequence (e.g. “who are the brain police/Porn wars”, etc. )

    I love the whole “All Art Radio” series.

  4. Reelboy says:

    That’s Mr. Potato Head to you, DD. Thanks for the show!