Another UFO (Moondust, Bluefly, and Mexico)

June, 1995

In somewhat of a holdover from last week’s subjects, we begin with a mix of several UFO investigators and the director of the made-for-TV movie, “Roswell,” discussing the various rumors and speculations concerning a film, supposedly made by the U.S. government in 1947, of the autopsy on the aliens recovered from the Roswell saucer crash. This rather suspicious film has recently surfaced in private hands in England, and the owner has been tantalizing media types with short clip screenings in an attempt to sell the broadcast rights worldwide. And yes, it soon came to a TV near you.

This show preceded the Fox showing – we focus more on this film in later shows. From there, we move through another wink at Disney’s embrace of UFOs and into a more nitty-gritty mix of documentation concerning our governments whole history of extra-terrestrial craft recovery, as well as how these ongoing military programs have apparently been hidden or disguised. Project Moondust is reportedly assigned the task of recovering any foreign object from space, which may have come to earth within our borders since the ’60s. This includes anything from meteorites, to falling soviet satellites, to alien space craft. Operation Bluefly designates the often plain clothes Air Force units that actually go out to collect the space object in question. “Why the secrecy?” Then there are the ongoing mass sightings in Mexico, large and small formations of UFOs routinely seen by literally hundreds of thousands above Mexico City traffic jams, multi-point of view videos galore, a continuing mainstay in Mexican news media, yet barely if ever mentioned in the North American news. Flight patterns seem to be tracing paths between various Volcanic locations and (inevitably) fulfillment of Aztec prophesy is suggested, leading us right into next weeks extended examination of what in the world was responsible for the spiritual histories of supernatural intervention common to every human culture?

3 Hours

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