ANOTHER UFO (True Or False)

June, 1995

This show begins another full month of “Another UFO” shows. Now for all the stuff that makes this phenomenon hard to take seriously or downright ludicrous. We delve deep into human gullibility, elaborate speculations, unsupportable presumptions, confabulated conspiracies, hypothetical lore mongering, and the mentally challenged wackos, dizzy-brained wanna-be’s, starry-eyed new agers, and possible disinformation specialists who drive it all.

As UFOs become a route to celebrity and the mainstream landscape fills with books, broadcasts (like this one), lectures, conventions, movie deals, and competing egos, the whole business becomes even more suspect than it was when it wallowed in fringe topic obscurity. Focusing primarily around John Lear (son of the famous plane designer) from many of his extensive interviews with Art Bell going back several years, it becomes clear that some people are ready to believe anything. In turn, this kind of mentality inevitably lures paranoids and show-offs to their phones as they all encourage each other to push our admittedly flexible true/false envelope over the edge and out of sight.

What’s more disconcerting is the fact that Lear admits to having worked with the CIA in his past, and claims many corroborating sources for his scary details in the military and intelligence services. Or wait a minute… maybe he is right about some of this… All part of the big mind game this subject plays like no other I know of. Lear is joined by Leland Googleburger (who overrides the Netwebs signal to bring you this embarrassingly unauthorized side of the story and then accidentally kills himself!), and various other UFOlogists mixed up in robot phone calls, mind control, underground bases, The Men In Black, and much more. And, “Please, humans, dont shoot aliens!”

3 Hours

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