Your Brain is God – Part 20

Your Brain is God – Part 20

Nov. 25, 2011


Fundamentalist evangelicals fight to gain influence in government, politics and Satan, the nature of the cosmos, science vs. religion, and God, physics, and the Universe.

3 Hours.

3 Responses to “Your Brain is God – Part 20”

  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Still about 100 more parts to go… looking forward to a decade of religious quotes and psychobabble. Thank you Don, and webmaster, for Over The Edge

  2. Reelboy says:

    Boy, that clown justifying religion on the basis of atheistic political systems killing millions must never have read the old testament. I just love hearing these tired, spurious arguments over and over. Not to mention the Inquisition, the invasion of the New World, etc.

    And Justice John Jay claiming an ought regarding the election of xtians on the basis of his being a xtian while ignoring the many Americans and Founding Fathers who were not xtians – reason or rationalization? You decide.


  3. Emmett Allen says:

    Great work! I can’t wait for the expose’ on the other two primitive Abrahamic religions. Just don’t take any fatwahs or din rodefs if issued “collect”;)