ANOTHER UFO (The Autopsy Part I)

September, 1995

This month, the Fox showing of “Alien Autopsy- Fact Or Fiction?” is dealt with extensively. Part I concentrates on pre-showing discussions and debates, which include many people who had already seen preview screenings in England, as well as stills from the Santilly film. Analysis and suspicions about the nature and dating of the film, the creature shown, the film’s distributor, Ray Santilly, and his motives, and the mysterious cameraman were already well underway and highly detailed during this time period.

The complete written statement concerning the crash and autopsy by the camera man who shot the film is read. Some of my sources include Laura Lee, “UFOs Tonight”, and Art Bell, including his phone interview with Santilly. Is it or isn’t it a hoax is the main point of discussion and, so far, this question remains the defining character of this teasing media event. Whether this turns out to be the most important film ever shot or the most intricate hoax ever perpetrated, we depict it all, as it tumbled out onto the eager airwaves around us. We begin with a triangle table discussion of the Fox show with Dr. Oslo Norway, Crosley Bendix, and the Reverend Tilt Reptilian, and then focus on found discussions of all sorts.

Both the revelation that this event proposes and the resulting bewilderment among squinting researchers of all kinds, together constitute a monumental debate about what, if anything, is credible in the information age. This is an extremely interesting development and terribly telling about the curious nature of our modern, media dependent perceptions and ontology.

3 Hours

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