ANOTHER UFO (The Autopsy Part II)

September, 1995

Adding a little background to the Santilly film, we cover some new material about the 1947 Roswell UFO crash which supposedly produced the humanoid being dissected. We also listen to various interviews with Congressman Stephen Schiff, of New Mexico, who has been investigating the Roswell incident by requesting the Government Accounting Office to locate any relevant records, which might exist. Their report found nothing except that all outgoing phone records from the Roswell Air Base between ’46 and ’49 were destroyed “without authorization” decades ago, but Schiffs first ever official congressional interest in this incident apparently provokes the Pentagon to replace their original weather balloon explanation with a new and different balloon explanation (“Project Mogul”) – 50 years after the fact(!) Schiff has also seen the Santilly film/video and comments. Also, a taped interview with Barry Goldwater in which he relates his own thwarted attempt to see what UFO material was being kept at Wright Patterson A.F.B., and still more reactions and speculations about the autopsy film.

3 Hours

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