Another UFO (The Autopsy Part III)

September, 1995

This edition presents a variety of interview material with Bob Shell, a photo expert who is studying the autopsy film from many standpoints. These include the films chemical makeup, exposure characteristics, its physical condition, etc., as well as the content of the Fox footage and further footage he has seen, and confusion about the location of the crash site. (Actually, according to the cameraman’s statement, his film depicts an alien from another crash near Sequoro, New Mexico, not Roswell, and it happened a month before the Roswell incident. This sticky detail, while actually tending to increase the plausibility of the film since the body shown does not match previous descriptions of bodies from the Roswell crash, is completely ignored by the Fox production which attributes this body to “Roswell”, and appears perfectly willing to spread this misinformation in order to increase accessibility with familiar labels.)

We also hear about Shell’s sometimes contentious dealings with Fox as a consultant from the beginning of their production plans, more about the cameraman’s identity (which everyone closely involved with this seems to already know but are not yet revealing), information about film of another, separate autopsy and various debris which Fox sold(!) to a private German investor named Spielberg. (Nothing to do with the movie director, contrary to many rumors.) The mysteries of shortsighted human folly just keep piling up as the mix gets more musical.

3 Hours

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