Another UFO (The Autopsy Part IV)

September, 1995

This “War and Peace” of a radio series continues into October. All new as always. The debate continues on certain media channels and Bob Shell returns with more on everything he sees in this film from two different shows. Also, lots of Linda Howe from a guest call to a KPIX talk show, (not a usual venue for this subject around here), a written statement from UMN concerning nonsense, a special legal interruption, and everybody sorts out the latest from the tried and tested. Nothing’s “true”. Nice mix under all this.

Material about the autopsy film just keeps accumulating, becoming more, not less, interesting as a sociological and media phenomenon. In fact, I consider this to be the most important media event of any lifetime if it’s true, or the most audacious, clever, and sophisticated hoax in history if it’s not. And, since mainstream media and “respected” journalists have, so far, inexplicably ignored this story from either standpoint, on we go.

3 Hours

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