The California Super Station

January, 1999 (Compilation from 1983 & 1984 shows)

Richard Lyons, Earl Yazel, Buck and Paula, Don

The California Super Station was Dick Vaughn’s precursor programming to “Moribund Music of The 70s.” This is a combination of two CSS shows from 1983 and 1984. Although Dick’s OTE CDs have all the records edited out, this is how it was done on the air with all the 70s cuts played in their entirety. The radio point here was to “convince” KPFA listeners that the station had gone to this new format, Dick Vaughn’s Classic 70s rock with “news,” “sports,” a weather copter, and lots of classic commercials. This is a composite taste of what Dick’s early programming was like coming together as live formatting done on the run.

3 Hours

One Response to “The California Super Station”

  1. pahool says:

    This is a great show. It’d be really great to hear some of the “Moribund Music of the 70’s” shows with the full audio like this.