Your Brain is God – Part 39

Heaven only knows what is in this show.  Don is not telling, and its been sitting here for a while without any write-up.  Why don’t you add something in the comments and I’ll update the show description?  Better yet, why don’t I listen to it again and see if I can summarize it?  Between us, we’ll get it done.

4 Responses to “Your Brain is God – Part 39”

  1. user says:

    download link does not work.
    summarizing is all up to you until this is fixed.

  2. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Dear user, the following link will get your file for you. As for a summary, maybe when I’ve written one. If I get round to listening to part 40 before the webmaster maybe I can try to summarize that too…

  3. webmaster says:

    Webmaster sez: Yeah, sorry user, that was my goof. Copied the link to 40 instead of 39. I’ll post 40 later today. Don DID do a write-up for that one, so I know what’s in it.

  4. Mandy Church says:

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