Your Brain is the Devil – Part 13

“Your Brain Is The Devil” Part 13

Nov. 23, 2012

Peter Conheim, Don.

Randy Newman and The Who ease us into this Satanic mix, including Lucifer’s history and tactics, Boris Karloff on the history of horror in movies with examples, an extended Led Zep Dazed And Confused live, a few Doo Wop Devil songs, and we end with our special tribute to Thanksgiving – The Weatherman’s recording of his mom and grandmom fixing Thanksgiving dinner in 1983.

Three hours.


2 Responses to “Your Brain is the Devil – Part 13”

  1. Reelboy says:

    Good wine, good meat, good grief*, let’s eat!



    *There is no god.

  2. MentalMan says:

    Uh oh, something goes ticking all the way on this one’s encoding. Can anybody fix it,please?