Complex Numbers

April 18, 2002


Most of the Glass “Einstein on The Beach” in various combinations backs up Arthur C. Clarke on fractal geometry and the 9 billion names of God, William Shatner trying to grasp the X-logic of his kids, Steven Hawking and his black holes, X-Minus One’s youngsters discover educational alternative logic toys from the future, and a lot of other numbers about about numbers in audio Mandlebrot sets.

3 Hours

4 Responses to “Complex Numbers”

  1. Ploni says:

    this was part of a 2 part show right?

    well there was something I cant remember well I think Arabian night.

    Or maybe faith of our fathers?

    Well I love it all

  2. Eepaw says:

    Piece of π bud?

  3. 667 says:

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