An Islamic Thanksgiving

November 27, 2003


This is a 5-hour blast of bits and pieces from our favorite media concerning the idea that fundamentalist Islam has always demanded terrorism as a core belief, and eventually this will mean nuclear terrorism against the infidels; that’s us. Dirty bombs are explained (it only takes radioactive material wrapped around dynamite,) “We will see a lot of people die in a grand act of martyrdom,” the historical development of modern Islamic fundamentalism under Nasser in ’50s Egypt, U.S. nuclear security from the ’60s, the non-separation of Allah’s exclusionary religion and the state throughout the mid east, the CIA’s evolving relationship with Israel, the NSA’s attempt to monitor world communications, occasional time bombs, “Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem,” and a receptacle full of candid callers.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

16 Responses to “An Islamic Thanksgiving”

  1. Syd Onion says:

    This was one of my favorites, and yes, I was one of those “candid callers”. The Islamic Christmas was broadcast the following Christmas night. Hope to get a chance to listen to that again too.

  2. Bruce says:

    This was the first OTE that I was lucky to hear live on the air. And what a great FIRST, because after having listened to years of episodes since that exciting evening, I consider this to be one, if not THE, best OTE ever.

  3. Eepaw says:

    This was the first unedited OTE show I ever listened to. Very entertaining, often terrifying. Interesting to hear “Book M” by Secret Chiefs throughout the show. “There is no God…

    …but God”

  4. Crapavelli says:

    this should be fun

  5. Crapavelli says:

    You have given a lot of air time to a that guy talking on Art Bell. Maybe I am pissed off because he is full of shit. Seriously he knows shit about the Koran or Islam. he is just some douche bag on Art Bell. Why did you give him so much air time? I mean Art Bell already patronized this idiot.. why do it again?

  6. Crapavelli says:

    seriously is it just because the clips from Art Bell are so funny that you included them? I mean if this guy is serious.. I just really hope he doesn’t get committed and goes on to create more comedic presentations in the future.

  7. Crapavelli says:

    LOL!!!!!! i said all that before I got to the part about Yahweh………. Very funny.. is that Liz Frazer after that? Never heard that before.

  8. Crapavelli says:

    one thing I do have to say is “LONG LIVE ART BELL”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Crapavelli says:

    Or rather.. The Art of Bell

  10. Crapavelli says:

    BTW this was not scary to me now and it would have not been scary to me then.. honestly the only thing that scares me is my own government and the white supremacists who run it. Obama is the perfect tool. And he’s not even fully black.. but he has Islamic cred.. what a perfect person to be the next democratic president.. Obama scares me more than Bush did… far more than Muslims ever could.. fuck 911 it was a blip on the screen.. we should open the fucking borders. Cause they are dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Crapavelli says:

    Obama is like the George bush they wish they could have had

  12. Crapavelli says:

    this guy knows nothing about the Koran.. this is funny shit.

  13. Crapavelli says:

    LOL! I give you the page number.. no accounting for the translation.. or for the fact that the oldest versions of the Koran aren’t even officially accepted.. don’t even respect the fact that there are many diff ways to intemperate the original texts. Don’t even account for the Sufi.. don’t even mention the Sufi.. why didn’t you mention the Sufi Negativland? Anyone who knows what Islam is really about knows that the Sufi are the sole proponents of true Islam.. the others are fakes.. and really most Sufi are more like Taoists..

  14. Crapavelli says:


  15. Crapavelli says:

    WTH is that Roger Waters song? or is that Pink floyde.. eh hell I will Google the lyrics

  16. Crapavelli says:

    heh knowing what the song is about.. eh I guess you intended a different meaning? or what? same meaning but without the character right?