Another UFO (Wild Blue Yonder)

October, 1996

A three-hour remix of Sam Sherman’s audio tape, “The Edwards A.F.B. Encounter.” These Air Force recordings, obtained through freedom of information laws, are not conclusive as to whether the military knows much of anything about UFOs, but they certainly do make it clear that the military had protocols to follow and procedures in play during a 1965 appearance of luminous craft performing impossible speeds and maneuvers over vast areas of California sky ranging from directly over Edwards A.F.B. up to the edge of space. Stationary, then zipping around, they are caught and tracked by numerous military radars in the area, chased and also caught on radar by a military interceptor sent up to investigate, and you hear many of the actual radio and phone communications during this extended encounter.

But it’s also a mix, so the US Air Force interrupts with recruiting P.S.A.s, and callers fly in and out all mixed up in drones. Sherman’s interesting collection of the military talking to each other during this strange event is proof enough that our military is not telling us everything it knows, especially the acknowledgment that they, themselves, have had close encounters with unexplainable, intelligent technologies far beyond human abilities for a long time now.

3 Hours

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