Another UFO (Mr. X)

November, 1996

This one features a tape of personal abduction experiences self-recorded by an OTE buyer and correspondent of mine who wishes to remain anonymous. He’s a real person who doesn’t write books, give talks at UFO conventions, or make a career out of his experiences at all. After conscious memory fragments and persistent obsessions apparently familiar to many abductees, Mr. X did undergo regressive hypnosis, recovering more complete memories of several UFO abductions since childhood. Stories from several more famous abductee/authors are thrown into this mix as well, but it’s the more reluctant tale by Mr. X that strikes an unusual note of credibility, while backing up the others with a lack of interest in personal fame or gain of any kind. Scary, fascinating, and full of all the similarities and differences which characterize the whole range of individual abduction scenarios, this is a personal account you’ll never hear anywhere else.

3 Hours

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