Universe – Part 11

“Universe” Part 11 “What About The 60’s?”

May 10, 2013

We begin a sub-series on space in the 60’s which also focuses heavily on the music of the decade. This one is all about the early 60’s, including NASA’s Mercury Program launches from Cape Canaveral which put America’s first men in space while music became folk-inspired and psychedelic drugs began to appear.

3 Hours.


3 Responses to “Universe – Part 11”

  1. Emmett Allen says:

    Y A W N fest. Lets get away from features of 50 year old music. The 60’s are over and dead. It won’t be around for another 50 years. If you have something from the 2060’s, have at it.

  2. Reelboy says:

    Ignore him. Ignore me, too. Thanks!

  3. shecko says:

    1060’s were super exciting also what with the lead up to the battle of Hastings! pant pant