Universe – Part 14

“Universe” Part 14  What About The 60’s? D”

May 31, 2013

We spread out for 5 hours as we bring early 60’s comedy and sex together, including some extensive ramblings by Lenny Bruce, Helen Gurley Brown (“Sex And The Single Girl”) addressing a live audience in ’64, all but the forbidden words from “The Sensual Woman,” and a lot of “Sex Dirt” from The Weatherman. Though completely cleaned up for the FCC, it all has a nice, risky broadcast feel to it. Plus the usual UFO’s and music from the era.

5 Hours.

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8 Responses to “Universe – Part 14”

  1. Em Allen says:

    This episode is more like it. Some thought and preparation went into this, unlike some previous shows with only old records playing. The result is much nicer when not relying on the legacy of past efforts.
    Let’s hope it continues without the cruising and sleepwalking of late.

  2. Reelboy says:

    Thanks, and thanks again. My favorite subject, even when it isn’t. But it sure is grand to sit at table between Lenny and Helen.

  3. Izzy Isn't says:

    Actually, Em, no particularly more thought or preparation went into this one than any of the others, for each of which I think and prepare a lot! I just got lucky I guess, that is, if I agreed with you. The whole damn series is all about “relying on the legacy of past efforts! Why are you still listening? Nothing on TV?

  4. Thomas Barry Davidson says:

    Love the show haven’t listened for a month so I’m downloading the last 4 episodes to listen to.

  5. Pie_Man says:

    This was a great show Izzy. My favorite of the four so far. I suppose it seemed “busier” than the previous 3 installations….which may make it seem to the listener, that you’re “doing more”, but even the less “busy” shows are amazi-ballz!!

  6. Izzy Isn't says:

    Thanks, Pie,
    This little show is a full-time job, and glad to have it!

  7. mikey says:

    who is the annoying idiot who keeps calling every five minutes and asking for weatherman and claiming he has great “soundbites” get that guy outta there!,. i can’t seem to get in at all and this guy owns the fucking show,. i’m so turned off.. what’s the fascination with his idiocy? he’s a fucking wannabe moron,. do what you will but please,. get that guy off.. he’s so phony.

  8. Izzy Isn't says:

    The Receptacle phone input to OTE has long been a source of voluntary frustration for me. On the one hand, I’m determined to pursue the idea of random public participation in a live “art” endeavor. I ain’t the first to do it, but I may be the last.
    On the other hand, it seems the percentage of actually interesting phone input is often small to tiny to none.
    Most people appear more intent on just hearing their voices on the air than actually thinking about it and submitting something cogent or relevant to the live mix they are joining. Yet, I’m determined to keep trying it because I like the idea so much. Would that ideas were reality , but with no call screening possible, (It’s usually just me there and I’m too busy) quality is up for grabs. And I also like the idea of no call screening anyway, as that removes the usual yoke of media “control” over media content – something unknown in all the rest of our mass media. (Perhaps my results prove why they insist on doing that!)
    Of course, I exercise the right edit all callers with my hang-up button, And I do try to get rid of duds quickly. Meanwhile, many would=be callers get so frustrated with waiting to get in, and then get cut-off immediately when they do, that they give up altogether.
    There is no solution to insure either quality or “fairness” in Receptacle Programming. That’s why it’s called a Receptacle. No one can be “prevented,” and as for “regular” duds, I’m often too busy with the rest of the mix to recognize who it might be immediately. I just press the next lit button and return to my job. And that job is to keep a good mix going for 3 hours, which includes NOT taking calls for sometimes long periods when I have OTHER good ideas for the mix or want to play “whole” things.

    So Receptacle access means just tossing something in when you can and listening to what happens.
    Parade of dunces? Well, I continue to bring them on because… it’s REAL.