Universe – Part 34

“Universe Part 34 What About The 60s? x”

Nov. 29, 2013

This one begins with a stupendous (if I do say so myself) simul-play mash of two different versions of “In Held ‘twas In I”  by Procul Harum lasting about 25 minutes. Then we delve into 60s astrology, how it works and what it means to you, hosted by Casey Kasem. More music, including a little segment on George Harrison, and Receptacle callers, of course, one of whom called it all boring. You be the judge.

3 Hours.

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6 Responses to “Universe – Part 34”

  1. Pie_Man says:

    This file is linking to the previous show.

  2. Izzy Isn't says:


  3. Pie_Man says:

    Thanks Izzy!

  4. Reelboy says:

    Life IS like a beanstalk, isn’t it? Thanks!

  5. Izzy Isn't says:

    Are you saying life is tubular and made of organic fibers? That’s probably not true at all, you know.
    And don’t thank me, our new President of Seeland, Tim Maloney Esq. is also our webmaster and takes quick care of all our fixes, from top to bottom. This was a bottom fix. He can now well afford to volunteer for this service because his new salary as President of Seeland, plus bonuses, plus stock options and buybacks, has situated he and his prodigious array of offspring in luxurious economic security for the rest of their natural lives. He’s working on an unnatural one now.

  6. Reelboy says:

    No, I’m saying it reaches out, entangling itself in everything, which is why it’s so much work to get last years beanstalks off the trellis, and why there are ants in my bathroom AGAIN!

    Anyway, everyone knows that life was very tubular in the San Fernando valley and might still be, for all I know.