Universe – Part 36

“Universe Part 36 What About The 60s? x”

Dec. 20, 2013

As Christmas approaches, so does Paul Harvey at the North Pole covering Santa’s sleigh launch, with 60s Christmas promos and ads for Christmas cigarettes. But not before we delve way into the Mad Genius Of Teen, Phil Spector, his music, and his notorious personal behavior in and out of the music biz, along with a lot of well and less well known work from his concert studios. That’s the whole thing.

3 Hours.

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2 Responses to “Universe – Part 36”

  1. DJT says:

    damn. I think I pretty much ripped off your show. Rad radio! Keep it up!

    The DJ Tanner Show
    WUNH.org to stream live
    91.3FM WUNH, Durham
    New Hampshire

  2. Pie_Man says:

    Listed as part “x”, but it’s part “Zeeeeeeeee”
    No big deal.

    Oh Don….keep it up!