Universe – Part 38

“Universe Part 38  What About The 60s? B-2”

Jan. 10, 2014

We begin a new year with a whole-show focus on Civil Defense in the 60s. The A-Bomb weighed heavy on everybody’s strained psyche during the decade as the cold war and fear of Russia dominated politics, not to mention our whole emersion in Vietnam, which I do with Armed Forces News reports from the war. Sprinkled throughout are Civil Defense PSAs  attempting to give all the rules for surviving the nuclear attack which was expected momentarily, along with some of the anti-war music of the day.
3 Hours.

Link/Right-click (Control-click) to Download.

6 Responses to “Universe – Part 38”

  1. phantomguitarist says:

    Password, then link removed. All very curious. I seem to have managed to download this file in the very short space of time it was available. This quite possibly makes me a very pathetic human being, and/or very stupid. Maybe I should be shot point blank in the stamper.

  2. jonnyX says:

    Curious indeed. Hopefully we will get the story behind these mysterious doings some day.

  3. jonnyX says:

    PS – For the insatiably curious and/or impatient, the show is of course available on the KPFA website; the higher quality version can also be downloaded here despite the missing link, if one is moderately clever/tech-savvy/OCD. Being a child of the Cold War, I’ve always had a morbid fascination with nukes. I found this show both fascinating and creepy.

  4. db says:


  5. webmaster says:

    The show is back up – sorry for the mishaps!

  6. Ross Vegas says:

    Thank you jonnyX, forgot that angle for a moment..