Universe – Part 39

“Universe Part 39  What About The 60s? C-2”

Jan. 17, 2014

A live Doors simulplay begins this edition, (simulplays are an exclusive OTE invention consisting of playing two versions of the same song simultaneously.) followed by 60s clips from the day, the ‘68 production, “Monitor,” 60s songs with current events on their minds, a black poem from the late Amira Baraka, a 15 minute Beatle boot of “Revolution” I bet you haven’t heard, and ending it all with another live Doors simulplay.

3 Hours.

Link/Right-click (Control-click) to Download.

4 Responses to “Universe – Part 39”

  1. phantomguitarist says:

    Server Problem.

  2. Morgan says:

    Is there another way to download this?

  3. Ross Vegas says:

    where can I find that version of The Lizard??

  4. Ross Vegas says:

    Like this one!