Universe – Part 54

Universe pt 54 What About 60s pt R-2 Another UFO

May 30, 2014

5 hours of UFO sightings and encounters described by witnesses and investigators, many from the 60s, including pioneer investigator Jacques Vallee giving a historical overview of the sighting phenomenon throughout history back to antiquity, interspersed with saucer songs, saucer philosophy, and mass media’s approach to the subject. Due to Izzy Isn’t’s extreme aggravation with phone fidelity, he ends Receptacle Programming on this night.

5 Hours.

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Extinct Technology:
As many might know, I use broadcast cart machines to mix OTE. This analog bit playing technology is now long gone from broadcasting and everywhere else. Any example of cart players/recorders are automatically old and very used. Repairs are a constant problem (everyone I’ve gone to doesn’t even know what this thing is) and so I’m asking if anyone out there, hopefully in the S.F. Bay Area, is capable of repairing/refurbishing cart machines.

But breakdowns are still a drag, and I’m even more interested in finding NEW or unused machines, if they exist. I’ve searched all over on line, but most all are well worn and the sellers, usually without carts or cables, can’t even test them. Anybody know where new or nearly new, fully operating cart recorder/players might be availble?
Thanks for any help.

Izzy Isn’t

4 Responses to “Universe – Part 54”

  1. Silvia E. Putty says:

    Izzy, do you have any models, brands or other details that would help us look for what you’re looking for?

    Is this what we’re talking about? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fidelipac

  2. Silvia E. Putty says:

    I assume you know about these guys…and they can’t help?


  3. Izzy Isn't says:

    Yes, your link is the technology, now find some fully operating recorders/players for sale.

  4. Izzy Isn't says:

    The Cart Guys are out of business.