How Radio was Done Part 85

August 28, 2008

1985 radio continues, but with a focus on TV. The computer age has arrived and we celebrate with bits from The Firesign Theatres 85 release, /”Eat Or Be Eaten,/” followed by Max Headroom, his story and a mix of the BBC pilot show introducing him, and a /”live/” appearance with David Letterman. Then the music biz (Fantasy Records) and the /”Copyright On Love,/” and we move into the country with cowboy truckers, their music, and some truck stuff from OTE in 85. Then the pesky Soviets again, and an on-air call to Radio Moscow from OTE in 85.
3 Hours.

6 Responses to “How Radio was Done Part 85”

  1. John says:

    When I try to download an OTE, it is hit or miss if I will get the WHOLE thing. The download almost always stops before it is down downloading… I go to play it and it cuts off 10 mins before the end

    is there some alternate way to download? perhaps via FTP?

    thanks in advance for any help

  2. snugganut says:

    The time limit was about 33 minutes. If your connection is slow-ish, you may have exceeded that when downloading a 165MB show. I increased the limit to about 50 minutes just now. Wait a bit and try it again. Let us know if this worked.

  3. John says:

    thank you so much for the fast reply and resolution. My download is capped at 150KB/s so that must be the issue. I appreciate you bumping the limit from 33 mins to 50… will that be for all OTE downloads? or do I have to ask for specific ones… because there is one I will be buyimng soon and dont weant to run into this again if I can avoid it 🙂

  4. snugganut says:

    Yep, it will be for all downloads.

  5. John says:

    you rock. i’m sure 50 mins wont be enough to pull down a 5 hour program, but I can always bring a thumb drive to the local library 🙂

  6. snugganut says:

    Most of the 5-hour shows are split into 2 parts, and the ones that aren’t are 300-400MB. But either way you get 7 tries to download each mp3. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy the shows!