Universe – Part 62

Universe pt 62 What About The 60s? pt Z-2

Aug. 21, 2014

John Lennon is the subject here, along with the break-up of The Beatles, with much Lennon music without and without them, a clipped documentary on John & Yoko, analysis of the break-up, and a documentary tribute to 1968.

3 Hours.

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4 Responses to “Universe – Part 62”

  1. RR Anderson says:

    I must know, who did the ‘buy some garbage’ song!?

  2. Izzy Isn't says:

    Oops, I don’t remember. I don’t write anything down.

  3. doug stanley says:

    check out “garbage” by the Deviants

  4. Izzy Isn't says:

    YES! It’s the Deviants.