Another UFO (Bentwaters)

July, 1997

Following an “emergency arts review” by Crosley Bendix relating to the previous two shows on the possible quantum physics connection to the observable anomalies known as UFOs, we spend three hours on one of the most startling cases to directly involve our military and it’s personnel, occurring at the American leased air base at Bentwaters, England. Former airman, Larry Warren, from various talk show appearances, discusses his experiences there between Christmas and New Years, 1980. As his story overlaps in versions told years apart, we follow him, his officers, and multiple buddies out into a forest near the base where strange lights are seen moving around for three nights in a row. Warren took part only on night three which eventually involves, among other events, occurring all through a forest full of soldiers, a red light from the sky entering the scene, “exploding” in a bright flash, and becoming a physical craft from which emerges some sort of big eyed living beings inside fields of light, who may or may not have engaged in telepathic contact with the officer in charge who approached… The details of all this are as strange and unbelievable as any could be, but Warren freely relates many of the names involved, some who corroborate all this (mostly enlisted grunts who took part) and some who decline to commit (some of the upper officers involved.) But more than any other, this event, including the ominous debriefing carried out by Navy (not Air Force) and NSA officials who appeared at the base shortly after these events, points up the ever-sagging big lie that our military knows and cares nothing about UFOs. Whatever the truth may be, if opportunity means anything, this relatively recent event with 60 to 80 still-living eyewitnesses should replace the now decrepit and hopelessly muddled Roswell lore as A GOOD THING TO INVESTIGATE.

3 Hours

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