Another UFO (The Circlemakers I)

May, 1998

A new look at the continuing appearance of crop circles in England and elsewhere, and the shadowy “artists” now claiming to make them. But first, a 40-minute conversational pause while we test out The Weatherman‘s phone fidelity device in a detailed call from his house. This is an on-air preparation for a three show teletour of OTE to an English radio station scheduled for the entire following month. Pseudo local conspiracist, Dave Emory joins. All very technical, and occasionally amusing too, with The Weatherman “being himself.” Then we mow into all kinds of interspersed interviews concerning one of the most interesting planetary “phenomenons” that continue to thwart unanimous resolution, even though it is spawned by, and/or has spawned generations of “artists” who now claim to create them. While refusing specific authorship. Lots of raw interview material from Grant Wakefield’s film, “Croppies,” and various video, TV, and radio talk on the subject in a spaced out, song dotted mix.

3 Hours

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