There is No Don

There is No Don

July 23, 2015

Don Joyce, Izzy Isn’t, Crosley Bendix, C. Eliot Friday, Bud Choke and others are all sent packing in a noisy tribute to the late creator and host of Over the Edge, himself. Don Joyce died 24 hours before air time, leaving Peter Conheim, Mark Hosler, Wobbly and Puzzling Evidence at the controls. Receptacle contributions from Tim Maloney, Suicide Man, Echo Hazard, and many, many more.

3 hours.

3 hours

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5 Responses to “There is No Don”

  1. TradeMark G says:

    A lesson to all DJs: when you die, this is what your next show will sound like.

    What’s the opposite of “Good Hello”… hell goodbye? Hell goodbye, Don.

  2. Ross Vegas says:

    Gonna miss this show

  3. Gibbert says:

    I learned of OTE too late. I never called in and I regret not doing so.

    Goodbye Izzy.

  4. emonk says:

    This is…traumatic.

    Honestly, he and his work will be missed.

  5. Bluejay Young says:

    We literally have to learn how to live in a world that does not have Don Joyce or Ian Allen in it.