How Radio Was Done Part 81

July 17, 2008

Amateur radio takes the radio stage in 1984, with /”Jamcon 84/” by Negativland performing on OTE back in that day. Interspersed are all kinds of Ham radio and CB jamming not appearing on that CD, also some punkish songs, Z-100 vs. Howard Stern in NYC, Malcolm McLarens /”fans/” and Japanese radio, President Reagan addresses religious broadcasters on God, and Frank Zappa is interviewed on KPFA about satanic gangs.

3 Hours

One Response to “How Radio Was Done Part 81”

  1. BigAlDente says:

    I purchased JamCon ’84 from a neighborhood record shop back in 1996 or 97. I soon found it to be a source of escape, entertainment, and education. I know the speed of light not because of middle school physics, but because of the fragments of Carl Sagan interspersed within the mix. JamCon ’84 imprinted itself upon my constant internal dialog.

    This episode of How Radio was Done provides a certain ultra-extended mix version of the collage landscape found in JamCon ’84. A Weatherman-esque interpretation of an interpretation of some original OTE material, itself an interpretation of a cultural phenomena that was both marginalized yet monstrous in its scope.

    Today I may be talking to your face, but in my mind i am only repeating four words over and over again: “Jam is my specialty!”