Their Orders Are Coming From Us

Their Orders Are Coming From Us


August 17, 2017



The White Nationalist factions that historically wore masks in public no longer feel required to do so, because it has been made clear that their ideology enjoys support from the highest office in the land.  In this broadcast, we thread through 2017’s many cries for all good Americans to defend our First Amendment against “intolerance”.  Then in our final hour, we hear a good long dose of the ideology lurking behind these particular calls for Free Speech:  a deeply jammed but still legible mix of “The Turner Diaries” as read by its author, William Luther Pierce.  The ideas in this poisonously influential book now float back to us everywhere, from headline news to online trolls from Kekistan, even though those of us who have heard of this source have avoided any direct exposure to it.  Here’s a chance to stare it all down.  Good luck.


Sampled reporters include Bob Ostertag, Shane Bauer, David Neiwert, Southern Poverty Law Center and Elle Reeve.  Location recordings are sourced and layered from the following protests:  Seattle, January 20th, Berkeley, February 1st & April 15th, Charlottesville, August 11th & 12th.  This program was edited at home the day after broadcast to include additional sources.


3 hours.


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