False Flaaa

False Flaaa


September 14, 2017


Jon Leidecker, Alissa DeRubeis, Yasi Perera




A show in three parts, beginning with a 30 minute Holger Czukay memorial rock block, and followed by an hour long modular live set by Quite Eyes Of Air (DeRubeis & Perera).  The last half of the show is a tour through the hellscape that your host’s youtube recommendation column has become since the research required for last month’s Charlottesville show;  endless presentations of the irrefutable video evidence, proving that a murder was in fact a staged event, a set-up, a hoax, a media construction.  Search algorithms that open people to ‘doing their own research’ silently close the door behind them;  the skeptic’s data profile happily recommends a new kind of belief.  This episode is dedicated to the memory of Heather Heyer.


3 hours.


Link/Right-click (Control-click) to Download.




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