We Can Feel Like We’re Here

We Can Feel Like We’re Here


October 12, 2017


Jon Leidecker, Noa Ver, Zach D’Agostino



It’s been a really good week for virtual reality.  We remember electronic musician Charles Cohen, who passed away two weeks ago at the age of 71, by playing his 2015 set with your Wobbly host at the Exploratorium.  We hear the Portland duo Sea Moss, playing self-designed electronics triggered by drums and vocals sent through a huge stack of guitar amps.  Then a hideous avatar materializes to bring you anywhere other than where you are, and we can really feel like we’re here in Puerto Rico and Macedonia as The Weatherman skypes in to play softsynths, samples, and a brand new recording of his stomach.  This makes sense.


3 hours.


Link/Right-click (Control-click) to Download.




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