How Radio Was Done Part 82

July 24, 2008

Once more for ’84, featuring Roger Waters and Malcolm McLaren releases of the year, then on to Paul McCartney’s movie flop of ’84, Reagan on God and abortion, Larry King interviews Frank Zappa on music censorship and warning labels, and the nuclear bomb and Star Wars defense debate continues. So does Howard Stern vs. Z-100 and other music, stations and DJs from ’84.

3 Hours

One Response to “How Radio Was Done Part 82”

  1. Bob Nelson says:

    GOOD HELLO A friend of mine & yours truly were in SF area for a few days, staying in Hayward. On the night of this show we each taped part of it on cass. though reception wasn’t good–we shoulda stayed in Walnut Creek instead! We did pay a pilgrimage to 180 and the letter G, though. On the BART train, my friend pointed out what “the big chairs” are.
    –Bob Nelson (used to do Negativfan fanzine
    long ago!)