Goodbody’s Midnight Auto Party

February, 1988
Negativland, Earl Yazel, Sheenah Timony, Dan Ruderman, Will Ryle

This show is actually a rebroadcast (in December 1995) of the 1988 show which has been reconstructed from various separate tapes which I finally put together to reform the whole thing. In a “remote” broadcast from Dick Goodbody’s Auto Hive, we join Dick and all his cohorts for a celebration of Lincoln, the man and the car. Cheap beer, Lincoln dogs, and hot chili fuel the rowdy audience, while the entertainment ranges from the Concord Youth Choir, Miss Mark 7 and the Rockin’ Winners Circle, Billy Buddy and Sheila Gimminy, an auto trivia call-in, Leroy VanDyke and his roadie, Mr. Neil Diamond live, folk singing, and deals galore. The whole party gets progressively more unruly as thrown beer bottles become the principle form of disruption. As we finally retreat, 180 G tapes are remixed, tapes from a behind the scenes survey of “Dick Vaughns Moribund Music of the 70s,” and a couple tracks from “Sex Dirt.”

3 Hours

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