The New Years Revolution Show

January 4, 2007
The Church Of the Subgenius, Don

In a diversion from the HRWD series, many members of the Subgenius sect join Over The Edge as we combine OTE and The Puzzling Evidence Show (which follows OTE on KPFA) for a five hour gathering of unscripted banter. All the regulars are here plus Ivan Stang (Subgenius founder,) Michael Pepe, Bishop Joey, Science fiction author John Shirley, a new baby, and more. Highlighted by multiple simultaneous conversations, its all about… everything. Can you stand it?

5 Hours

3 Responses to “The New Years Revolution Show”

  1. Pepepalooza says:

    Who is Michael Pepe?

  2. Jeremiah Dissed says:

    He’s kind of like Michael Peppe, but shorter.

  3. Jeremiah Dissed says:

    ….who, I hasten toadd, is awesome: