Another UFO (Abductions)

September 1993

Omer Edge returns to the studio from the Lucky Muck Swamp he was in for the Roswell show (Nov. 91) and realizes he is the victim of “missing time” (about 2 years?). Another recorded memo from Howland’s Retro-History Project explains and confuses everything. This show deals with all kinds of material relating to the UFO abductions phenomenon, drawing from radio and TV features on UFOs, UFOlogist interviews, other broadcasts covering the subject (principally Art Bell’s syndicated late night talk show from Nevada and his Sunday evening show, first called “Area 2000” and now called “Dreamland”), the TV movie “Intruders”, as well as familiar reference points like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

Human abductions evoke much paranoia and some of the kookiest speculations, and are perhaps subject to the most disbelief of any aspect within the whole UFO phenomenon. Nevertheless, those who seriously investigate abduction stories have found a disturbing plausibility in the widespread concurrence (in and out of hypnosis) of many specific, rather unimaginable details among unrelated individuals (including young children who could hardly be aware of the fields lore). Except for the cattle mutilations (also referred to here), abductions represent the scariest instances of alien intentions being apparently uninterested in what we like to think of as “human values”.

They do seem covertly interested in medically probing us, “operating” on our sexual organs, implanting internal micro-devices, even placing “half-human fetuses” of unknown origin in women and retrieving them within a few months, all leading to speculation that genetic research and/or manipulation is occurring. Amid all this, we switch stations to Vat Lardner bringing you the ABS news and a bulletin concerning a UFO-related short wave broadcast by C. Elliot Friday just received. Reverend Tilt Reptilian follows with “The Bully Pulpit”, a no-nonsense religionist’s view of the recent worldwide acknowledgment of the alien presence, as callers chime in for an extensive dialog on UFOs and their religious significance. And what about those black helicopters?

5 Hours

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