March 1993

This monumental epic traces the history of the decimation of Native North Americans from the earliest Spanish contact through Geronimo’s downfall- four centuries of rather serious mixing! This may be the “heaviest” show available, a juggernaut of carefully collected and rearranged material, with virtually no callers to interrupt the iron-willed direction of the white man at the controls trudging relentlessly through bloody time. I can’t explain this one, but I respect it. It’s a mix with humor in it, but it’s also a heartbreaker.

5 Hours

5 Responses to “THE TRAIL OF FEATHERS”

  1. Eepaw says:

    I can’t exactly say I had fun hearing this one. A very worthwhile listen nonetheless.

  2. Chief Half-a-show says:

    Part 2 of this show is not on the server…Does it exist?

  3. Chief Full-show says:

    Thank you for posting the 2nd part, Jen. 🙂

  4. futurist says:

    is that Buffy Sainte Marie in there? if so,. which album or what is that from? it is the best. i love this show so much honny! wampum corn chip!

  5. kegger says:

    I have tried downloading both parts 1 and 2 and they don’t seem to finish…once I get to 99%…it’s like they are stuck there…