The Experience Remix

October 1994

An extended, brain-blowing remix of all the known and unknown Jimi Hendrix music I could get my hands on. A continuous, merging, overlapping, multi-channeled intercutting of The Experience, along with sporadic dialog from the Hendrix film, “Experience”, and assorted comments about the ’60s. Lest you become nostalgic, all this is forced through some distinctly new sorts of digital manipulations, contemporary effects sporting settings unknown in Jimi’s day, and a live reel to reel loop delay now extremely rare on OTE, since our new decks make it hellishly difficult to accomplish.

This man was the greatest mutant guitar genius of all time, and this 3-hour, solid music mutilation is a wacky act of total respect. Goes with any psycho-active substance.

3 Hours

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