The Blade Runner Remix

November 1994

Upon discovering that Vangelis (maker of the theme music which begins every OTE) finally released his original soundtrack to Blade Runner, Scott Riddle hosts a 3 hour remix of the dialog from Blade Runner and all the original and associated music. This is one of my 3 all-time favorite movies and it provides a personally delightful playpen of disconnected sounds and plot. “Do you like our owl?” “More human than human is our motto.” “Wake up, time to die.” Inspired by this extremely effective cinematic creation of a darkly Gothic future so full of gripping ambiance that the plot seems like a by-product, this turned out to be a moody good job of stretching that ambiance out over twice its original length with the help of edits, loops, repeats, and the Receptacle. It probably helps to have seen the movie.

3 Hours

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