Another UFO (Revelation Cover-Up)

December 1994

This show divides its time between speculations about how the public revelation of extra-terrestrial intelligence at work in our world will occur and what the results might be, and a lot of documented indications that our government knows much more about this phenomenon than they are releasing to the public and have actively pursued censorship, cover-ups, and disinformation regarding specific incidents for at least 50 years.

Bob Dean, a retired high officer at NATO, relates the contents of an above top secret document, which he used to sneak out of a NATO vault to read at night. They know all about them. An urban park crash site is sealed tight for 3 days by Brookhaven Lab, abductees remember military personnel in their otherwise other worldly capture, disinformation and freedom of information censorship, noises on the phone, Roswell hovers back with its history of government deception since 1947, and the current congressional effort to get the GAO to get the pentagon to release Roswell records. UFOlogists speculate about the revelation and how its being conditioned, desensitized, diverted, undermined, confused, or otherwise disinformationalized. The TV movie, “Without Warning”, is mixed with Art Bell’s nightly talk show from the night of a famous and forgotten massive overnight surge and loss of electricity across western North America during December, ’94, (never satisfactorily explained, and it was a night of “spectacular” meteor sightings). Prick me with a pin. “Theres no turning back…”

Area 51 is still there and high-powered requests for access are refused, Barry Goldwater can’t get into that hanger at Wright Patterson A.F.B, Alien pecking orders, military abductions, manipulating perceptions, humans may be “some form of farming”, and various species of aliens may be in conflict. The Woodbridge military base encounter, This Big Hush, “Nobody ever happened”, Receptacle phones finally get their turn for quick rounds of farce but eventually we find out some of those callers aren’t what they seem, and the psycho-social problems we face if… IF THIS IS REAL!

5 Hours

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