Another UFO (Sightings and Technology)

December 1994

Our second week in December ’94 is devoted to the 50 year history of the sightings, themselves, and the possible technologies involved. From that fateful year, 1947, and pilot Kenneth Arnold’s first airborne and widely reported sighting near Mt. Rainier in which he coined the term “flying saucer” (referring to flight characteristics, not the shape which he described as “Horseshoe” or “crescent-shaped”), to a very recent, extremely rare tape of a radar operator tracking UFO targets over Michigan while hanging on the phone with 911, you hear the bird’s eye accounts of real people seeing an array of craft and propulsion technology in the same sky we hardly notice every day.

The Weatherman is a glowing orange object, someone sneers at my background, extended new looks at how alien craft actually work(!) and who might be flying them, and a wide variety of witness after witness tell their story. Roswell and Area 51 are back, paving the way for the cover-up. This month’s shows begin to overlap at the edges with some material that missed getting in the previous show moving into the next.

3 Hours

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