How Radio Was Done Part 88

Oct. 9, 2008
1986 radio continues with an extended listen to some of the coverage given to the Challenger shuttle explosion of that year. From the lengthy, tension-filled, on-the-spot reporting of the disaster immediately after lift-off, to later analysis of what went wrong (including pleas from the booster makers not to launch that day,) to where this first-ever crash of the shuttle left the space program, and throwing in some appropriate music of the year. Following this, we move back into fun with some radio production promos, a little Firesign Theatre, some Negativland from OTE in 86 at their annual stockholders picnic, and more 86 music.
3 hours

One Response to “How Radio Was Done Part 88”

  1. Tim says:

    I remember we had a small bw tv at work which was on to watch the launch. The guys were saying “The fuckin’ Lybians blew up the shuttle.” I knew it was just a fuck up. Memories…