Another UFO (Roswell II)

December 1994

This show began a full month of five UFO shows and deals once again with the event that began the modern UFOlogy movement. After a pre-show announcement about Xing out Christmas, another memo from the Retro-History Project leads to a phone message from UFOlogist Leland Googleburger concerning new information about the Roswell incident and how to find it. This time we focus more exclusively on the saucer crash at Roswell with a lot of new media reference material. The soundtrack to the movie, “Roswell”, is used against various documentaries on the subject and a variety of discussions gathered from radio and TV.

Many more details about the seminal event of UFO history, as well as researchers persistent methods of operation, and the rising tide of official curiosity about what may have happened at Roswell. There is now an investigation by Congressman Schiff of New Mexico attempting to get any Government documents, which may exist relating to Roswell. Meanwhile, Omer Edge is out in the Lucky Muck Swamp again to retrieve a confidential tape from Leland Googleburger who is now an abductee on his way to the Moon. And it appears that both C. Elliot Friday and Sergio Carracus had their sticky fingers on that craft recovered at Roswell. “The truth will come out…”

3 Hours

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