How Radio Isnt Done Part 12: Suicide Hotline

December 22, 2005
Don Davis & Don

Long time caller, Suicide Man, joins me, Izzy Isnt, to co-host /”The Suicide Hotline/” in which we invite all comments and proposals concerning the timeless human right to do it. Mostly a call-in talk show whose purpose is to enable and encourage suicide, we cover the history, traditions and future potentials of suicide as a reasonable response to life as we know it.

3 Hours

2 Responses to “How Radio Isnt Done Part 12: Suicide Hotline”

  1. Eepaw says:

    Suicide Man did a good job as co-host. He was calm, composed, had some interesting insights, and wasn’t just in love with his own voice. Kudos to Suicide Man.

  2. Wermyapl says:

    Suicide man needs to do another show.