The Subgenius Thanksgiving Executive Banquet

November 24, 2005
The Subgenius Executive Bored, Don

Izzy Isnt, professional banquet facilitator, hosts a holiday get together for the Subgenius big wigs. This show must rival the record for lengthiest, non-stop, multi-voice rapping and ranting on radio record. It never stops. Try to follow just one of them, or give up and immerse yourself in the whole unraveling weave of multi-subgenius patter. We never did get to the annual accounting report…

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

One Response to “The Subgenius Thanksgiving Executive Banquet”

  1. Steve Dunn says:

    the greatest thing to put on when You are ready to go to bed Let Puzzling Evidence, the Reverend Ivan Stang, and the rest of the Subgenius Prophets lullaby you to sleep with their ceaseless rantings!