How Radio Isnt Done Part 3 (Still Not funny)

September 22, 2005
Will Ryle, Macy, Keith, Don

Ronald Redball and friends Calvin G. Krebs and Marilyn Page join Mr. Edge in this sequel to /”Is This Funny?/” After some years of practice, Ronald the semi-professional comedian, returns to ruin yet another show with his special untamed brand of rebellious incompetence. Its just a big radio embarrassment with semi-scripted features including /”Problems Solved/” and /”Nirvana Nightline,/” constant babbling, garbled mixing, and some nice singing by Marilyn. It makes no sense and is still not funny.

3 Hours

One Response to “How Radio Isnt Done Part 3 (Still Not funny)”

  1. Eepaw says:

    “Is This Funny?” was sometimes funny by accident. This one is just annoying. Saying it is Not Funny is not an excuse. Far and away the worst OTE I’ve ever heard. Can I get my 3 dollars back?

    A 0 meets an 8 and says “Hey, I like your belt.”
    Now, that’s funny.