Another UFO (Fire In The Media)

June 1995

The 2 extended centerpieces of this show are soundtrack dialog from “Fire in The Sky” (a rather mediocre movie fictionalization of the Travis Walton abduction), and an Art Bell interview with Travis Walton and Mike Rogers who discuss what they claim actually happened to them that day in the Arizona mountains. You get their whole fascinating story as we contrast how the movie (which they advised) often veers annoyingly far from the way they remember it. The Travis Walton abduction remains one of the most impressive abduction stories on record.

A six-man lumber crew all agreed on the craft they encountered up close in a remote forest, as well as the events in which one of them was apparently taken by the ship and remained missing for five days. Only Travis knows what happened inside the craft, (he thought he was there for about an hour) but it ain’t much like the movie! The believability of these two simple (and frustratingly inarticulate) working guys is difficult to brush off, and the six-person corroboration of the incident is especially impressive since it is hard to imagine these types upholding a conspiracy amid the public pressure, which ensued. (For five days, until Walton mysteriously reappeared, the others were being investigated for murder and shunned by their hometown.) Apart from this lengthy comparison between real people and a Hollywood movie inspired by them, we cover the general infusion of UFO subject matter into all forms of modern media, the degree to which UFO lore proliferates throughout advertising now, (“Are we being conditioned?”) and specifically, bits from Disney’s(!) TV special on the subject of UFOs. The overall content of the special was surprisingly serious, comprehensive, and without a hint of skepticism, and it was, of course, actually designed to promote Disney Worlds new “Alien Encounters” theme ride opening in summer ’95. “When you wish upon a star…”

3 Hours

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